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We are a voluntary organisation and can therefore only continue and thrive with your help. We ask, and expect, every set of parents to contribute at least three half-days each year of their time to the running of the Group. Various opportunities will be made available throughout the year.

If your child decides to join 3W, parents/carers are welcome to attend the short investiture ceremony, held during the section meeting.

Please discuss any special needs of your child with your section leader, on a confidential basis, so that we may work together to enable all of our members to get the most out of Scouting.

Where we meet

We meet at Pepperpots HQ [The Ellis Building], Plains Road, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 5RJ, although some sections use Mark's Church Hall, De Vere Gardens, Woodthorpe during part of the year [see programme details].

St. Marks Church is our Sponsor within the Scout Movement and members of the Church provide important resources, both physically and spiritually, to assist us. There are three family services each year at which we ask members to attend St Marks on Sunday mornings in addition to our own Remembrance Service in November. Parents are very welcome to attend these services as well.

For some interesting facts about Pepperpots. click here !!

What we pay: Subscriptions etc.

Subscriptions are payable at the start of each term and you will receive notification of the amount of the subscription from your section leader. The level of subscriptions is set each year by the Executive Committee. We prefer that subscriptions are paid by cheque made payable to '3rd Woodthorpe Scout Group'.

Termly subscriptions are currently set at £30 for Beavers and £45 for Cubs and Scouts [with effect from 1 April 2019].

Subscriptions are used to pay the many expenses of providing our activities:

logo About one-third of the subscriptions are used to pay annual fees to District, County and National Headquarters for insurance, leader training and national membership fees.

logo Another third cover the Group's costs of hiring the church hall, maintaining Pepperpots, our tents and equipment and to subsidise certain group events.

logo The final third pays for the cost of running the weekly section meetings such as materials, badges and books etc. 

Some additional section activities, such as camping weekends, theatre visits and rock-climbing may involve the payment of additional amounts towards the cost of the visit.

It is group policy that the additional fund-raising that is carried out is used to develop group activities and provide improved resources for scouting activities. Fund-raising is NOT used to subsidise the level of subscriptions.

We appreciate that money can sometimes be tight. Please have a confidential talk with your section leader if you need a bit of help with the cost of a camp or if you want to spread the payment of your subscription. We would never wish to see anyone having to leave the Group because of the cost of subscriptions.

The Group has adopted a policy in recent years of providing a discount of 50% off the subscriptions for the children of warranted, uniformed leaders in the Group. If you wish to become a uniformed leader then please contact the GSL.

Gift Aid

3W is able to recover income tax on any donation, including subscriptions. The only criterion is that the individual making the donation has to pay income tax or capital gains tax of at least the amount to be recovered by the Group. We would very much appreciate it if parents could assist us in this way as it provides us with some useful extra income.

For every £1 you pay in subs, 3W is able to claim 25p from HM Revenue & Customs, so your £45 subs brings in £11.25! Please speak to your section leader if you haven't signed up yet.

3W is a registered charity No. 507206

Waiting List & Section Transfer Information

There is a waiting list and section transfer system process in place, please refer to the following document to find out how it works pdficon

Useful Documents

Anti-bullying policy pdf

Your commitment (parents & members) pdf

Health & safety matters pdf

Annual report

A copy is available upon request - contact the GSL or website manager

Policy, Organisation & Rules [POR]

All Scout groups and Scouting activities are subject to the guidelines laid down in POR which you may have heard about. Click here to view the document.